Green Tea Oil

80ml bottle

Made and Patented in Japan by Unicity International, USA

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We all know the benefits of Green Tea, which is good as an Anti-Bacterial,
Anti-septic, Anti-fungal and Anti-aging
. But most people don't know, that
in an oil base, it's also good as a fat burning, body shaping and anti-cellulite too

Features & Benefits

- Protect - Cathechin is a powerful antioxidant that protects your skin from UV damage
- Moisturise - penetrates skin quickly and deeply, giving you optimum hydration without the greasy feel
- Anti-septic - helps wound healing and stops irritation from insect bites
- Anti-ageing - eliminates fine lines, scars, pigmentation and reduces appearance of pores
- Fat-burning - increases fat metabolism and reduces cellulite
- Anti-bacteria - excellent to treat pimples and acne
- Anti-fungal - prevents foot and body odour and nappy rashes safely

Hair Care - treats damaged, dyed, chemically treated hair and adds shine,
softness and smoothness to your hair


Organic Green tea Leaves (Carmellia Sinensis)

Organic Jojoba Oil

Botanical Squalane (Olive oil)

Natural Vitamin E (Tocopherol)



Green Tea Oil is the first in the world botanical oil-soluble Catechin)
which is extracted from green tea base powder through a globally-
patented manufacturing process.

Cathechin is a type of tannin found in tea leaves, known for its
anti-oxidant, anti-bacteria, fat-burning and odour-eliminating properties.

Green Tea Oil is a botanical oil-soluble Catechin (CoCo Green™),
combining Jojoba Oil, Squalane from Olive Oil and natural Vitamin E.

Catechin is a type of tannin found in tea leaves. It is known for its
anti-oxidant, anti-bacteria, fat-burning and odour-eliminating properties.
CoCo Green™ is the first ingredient in the world that has successfully
blended Catechin into an oil-soluble format without using surfactants or
emulsifying agents.

Oil-soluble Catechin has the ability to penetrate deep down the skin's
lower layers to restore moisture and elasticity, as well as replenish skin
lipids which are essential to prevent skin water loss as compared to the
conventional water-soluble Catechin.

Cathechin molecule size is 3.5 nanometers whereas skin pore size is 50
nanometers. View the comparison chart below to see how big a nanometer is:-



Green Tea Oil is manufactured through a 100% natural process from high
quality green tea leaves. The green tea leaves used in CoCo Green™ are
grown organically without agricultural chemicals. It contains much higher
amount of Catechin compared to other green tea leaves. The natural green
color and fragrance of the Green Tea Oil feels like no other on your skin.

With its superior moisture retention and skin protection abilities, Green Tea
Oil can be used from head to toe. Green Tea Oil is suitable for the entire
family including children above 6 months.


Testimonials from users:-


Slimming / Cellulite

- I did an experiment on the left side of my face with Green Tea Oil
and notice that it has become a little slimmer now.

- I am 50s and have cellulite. After massaging Green Tea Oil for
3 days, I notice my cellulite is less now.

Waistline Reduction

- I keep applying Green Tea Oil on my waist area and my waistline has reduced by 3cm

Spot / Freckles

- After applying Green Tea Oil for 2-3 days, I notice my spots and
freckles have unbelievably faded away.

Diminishes eye bags, wrinkles, crows feet and fine lines

- Green Tea Oil makes my skin visibly lifted and the wrinkles, fine lines
& crows feet have diminshed and the eye bags have reduced also.


- Pimples heal almost immediately after applying Green Tea Oil

Impetigo - a skin infection usually in children, caused by a bacteria and spread by scratching.

- My baby scratched all over his face and ended up in blisters.
After applying Green Tea Oil, his skin healed and does not itch anymore.

Heat Rash / Eczema / Open wounds

- I suffer from severe heat rashes and eczemas and they heal
remarkably well after applying Green Tea Oil

- My daughter is very fat and her panties rub against her upper
crotch area causing wetness and open sores. After applying Green
Tea Oil, the wounds healed and today she can stop using boxers
and go back to panties.

Insect Bites / Stings

- After applying Green Tea Oil on the insect bites, it actually
relieves itchiness and does not leave behind ugly marks or scars.


- When I was pregnant, I accidently scraped my belly. I used Green
Tea Oil and it has recovered from the abrasion quickly.

- I had some scars on my legs after falling over some barb wires.
After I applied Green Tea Oil, the scars healed and today there is no more marks.

Atopic Dry Skin

- I used the Green Tea Oil and now my skin is free from irritation and itch.

- My baby about 1.5 years old scratches his atopic spots daily.
Green Tea Oil helps soothe his skin and today he brings the
bottle to me to apply on his skin after his bath.

Sunburn / Burned skin

- I had burned my skin until it was red, painful and flaky. The Green Tea
Oil helped relieve the pain and soreness as well as the flaky skin

- I went for some dermal abrasion treatment that left my skin red and sore.
After applying the Green Tea Oil, my skin quickly healed quickly.

Athlete's Foot / Foot Odour

- I had severe athlete's food and after applying Green Tea Oil for 3 days, it was gone.

- My son has food odour. After using Green Tea Oil, I am surprised,
his feet do not smell anymore.

Hair Revitalising

- I use hair dye products causing my hair to be dry and damaged. I used
Green Tea Oil in my hair dye and now my hair is silky and scalp is healthy.

- My dog has dry skin condition after every shampoo. I used Green Tea
Oil and now his skin has healed.

Green Tea Oil is available in an 80 ml bottle and sold exclusively in
Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Thailand. Distributors are welcome globally.

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